Saturday, 9 February 2013

Food Trends and what Influences Them

  1. Check out this article found on this website  - by Phil Lempert, Supermarketguru
  2. Phil looks at the impact of rising food prices, an aging population riddled with eating disorders/diseases and the growing desire to go back to the basics of a healthly lifestyle.
  3. The link below looks at our fascination ith self improvement and, while it may not identify precisely with Phil's expectations, it certainly points to our increasing interest in making good food choices to sustain good health.
  5. It seems that in the past there was always one dominant food trend at any one time - the no fat/high carb trend of the early 90's, the high fat/no carb trend (aka Atkins) of the late 90's. But these days there are multiple movements, all vying for your membership, some are even complete opposites - think Vegan and Paleo.
  6. Certain food trends were just as easy to spot. The rise of the mighty farmers market, backyard bees and urban chickens, farmgate sales in grass-fed, cage free meat products, and a resurgence in canning and preserving are among last year's biggest trends. Do you know, there are actually canning classes?  It seems the last generation or two wasn't paying much attention to what was going on in the kitchen while we we growing up.
  7. And just when we think gas prices  might level off (?), food prices begin to climb:

What to do about it all -- that's the question.  Here are a few sites that offer some constructive suggestions: