Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dawson Creek -- One of Canada's Most Sustainable Urban Communities

Last September,  Dawson Creek BC announced a new initiative to help cut greenhouse gas pollution.  The City  pays $100 for each tonne of carbon emissions from the city's buildings, vehicles and other operations to Dawson Creek Carbon Fund which, in turn supports project which reduce greenhouse gas pollution within the comnmunity.  This innovative approach to reducing its own greenhouse gas pollution works towards meeting its own commitment of carbon neutrality in its operations by 2012, as committed to under the B.C. Climate Action Charter.  Dawson Creek worked closely with the Pembina Institute to design the Carbon Fund.

Dawson Creek is a recognized leader in British Columbia in implementing forward thinking
energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and policies. We recognize that taking
action to reduce emissions is one of the most significant things a municipality can do to
combat climate change, and we are excited to meet this challenge head-on. We have
successfully taken some first steps towards fulfilling our commitment to be carbon neutral
by 2012, and there is much more to do.(1)
The B.C. Climate Action Charter was developed to encourage local governments to make operations carbon neutral by 2012; to measure and report on community emissions; and to work towards creating more compact, complete, energy efficient communities. Dawson Creek is amongst the signatories of the Charter and is committed to being carbon neutral in its municipal operations by 2012.

For more information on the subject, refer to the following link
Dawson Creek’s Strategy
(1)  On the Path to Carbon Neutral