Monday, 22 April 2013

Earth Day and the Work of the Earth Day Network
Most of us have heard and celebrated Earth Day, in one form or another but perhaps we aren't all aware of the Earth Day Network (EDN).  Earth Day was first celebrated on this day in 1970 and is credited for having a significant positive impact on the environmental movement.  EDN partneres with groups in over 190 countries and is largely responsible for mobilizing the more than 1 BILLON people that participate each year.
Geared to adults and kids alike, there's a cool little tool on the bottom of the website to calculate your ecological footprint.  Once completed, it provides a few ideas to help reduce that footprint.  It's geared to urban living but that's where most of the folks on our beautiful planet are living and let's face it, accounting for a rural lifestyle, livestock, etc. would be a wee bit too complex to calculate.
Don't forget to check out EDN's Campaign for Communities which aims to unite Earth Day events and local elected officials from around the world as a way to engage with constituents locally and participate in an exchange of environmental visions, concepts, and learning.

Give it a look; I guarantee you an interesting learning experience.  Happy Earth Day.