Wednesday, 23 July 2014

South Saskatchewan Regional Plan Approved

The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP) has now been approved by Cabinet .  The SSRP is the second of seven regional plans approved by the Alberta Government and will come into force on September 1, 2014. 
You can find information about the plan and download a copy of the SSRP:
With the release of the SSRP, the Efficient Use of Land Implementation Tools Compendium is also released to the public.  Efficient Use of Land is one of the seven strategies listed in the provincial Land-use Framework.  The intent is to ‘promote the efficient use of land to reduce the footprint of human activities on Alberta Landscape’.  The compendium includes tools and best practices that can be used by land use planners, land users, and decision makers as a resource for land use decisions.  Here is the link to download your copy:

The South Saskatchewan region covers an 83,764-square kilometre area that stretches from the Canada-U.S. border to Crossfield. It includes the South Saskatchewan River Basin, the Milk River Basin and the Alberta portion of the Cypress Hills. It is the most populated part of the province with about 1.8 million people.  Some environmentalists are critical of the plan saying it should have gone further to protect key areas — particularly the Castle Special Place, north of Waterton Park. They are concerned the rules will be too loose regarding off-highway vehicle use, logging and oil and gas development.  The Crowsnest Pass, for example, draws in over 10,000 off-roaders annually.