Monday, 16 May 2016

Local Corvette Spring Fling

The various models represented
This weekend we attended our second local 'meet and greet' for Corvette enthusiasts.  This outing offers local enthusiasts the opportunity to get together over coffee and a burger, swap stories, learn from each other, and maybe even make a sale if that's what you're in the market to do.  Our gracious hosts deserve the credit; they have secured a spot in the parking lot of a local car wash; put on coffee and donuts in the morning and a hamburger or hotdog lunch, all at its own expense.  This year, donations were accepted with the proceeds going in support of victims of the Fort McMurray fires.  And, even though the corvette is not exactly a family vehicle, the bar-b-que is definitely a family function; every age group is evident and clearly, some discover their passion early!

After a bit, we go for a spin.  Even if the air is thick with testosterone, this is neither the time or the place for anything less than responsible driving -- okay, maybe a little gas, just to burn off the carbon. 

We make a loop to the west around the lake, before stopping for a parting visit at the end of our run, to thank our hosts, bid farewell to new found friends, and be on our way.

For us, we make our way home via the scenic tour.  As the sun was tipping low in the west, we stop for a moment to stretch our legs and watch a few brave souls (mostly children. . . who else would be so undaunted?) swimming in what surely must be frigid water, and take a quick shot of Ginger and her man.

And though this last parting video isn't necessarily our group, I have no doubt, the blood pumping through the veins of the men behind the wheel was bursting with the same enthusiasm .