Monday, 23 January 2012

Alberta Landowner's Council - Submission to Critical Transmission Review Comnmittee

The Honourable Premier Redford and Minister Morton are to be commended for appointing the Critical Transmission Review Committee.  ‘Getting it right’ when it comes to electrical transmission decisions is essential to affordable living standards, respect for landowners, and a competitive and diversified Alberta economy.
Under-building the transmission system can cause an unreliable supply of electricity disrupting daily routines and business.  However, over-building transmission lines can have harmful effects by burdening residential and commercial users, schools, hospitals and industries with unnecessarily expensive monthly utility bills.  Most importantly, over-building and the resulting high costs of delivered electricity can make Alberta’s economy uncompetitive. An uncompetitive Alberta economy drives away value-added businesses and the jobs and wealth they create for Alberta.

Except by:
Keith Wilson, BA. LL.B
Policy Chair
January 6, 2011