Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Red Deer County Municipal Development Plan Update

A few months ago, I posted a link to the Red Deer County website designed to keep us abreast of the progress of the development of a new Municipal Development Plan.  The MDP is the key document guiding County Council’s decisions about future growth and development on all lands (except Crown land) in the County.  You can help the County develop the plan by providing your ideas. 

To date, the process has included an on-line survey and public information meetings and workshops.  If you participated in one of the meetings, completed the on-line survey or, perhaps, are just curious to see the direction of the public input, this link will take you to the results.  My read of comments to date continue to reflect a desire to protect and preserve the County's agricultural land base for future generations.

You will note, in the lower right-hand corner, there is also a Project Discussion Board.   Once again, the issue of agriculture, and how we choose to use this precious non-renewable resource, continues to be the issue. 

Please take a moment, read through the responses and decide how you want your voice to be heard in the process.