Thursday, 16 February 2012

Energize Alberta - Cow-pattie power

Energize Alberta - Cow-pattie power  -- Who could possibly NOT be interested in reading about a subject called 'Cow-pattie Power'?  On a cattle feedlot located outside  of Vegreville, Alta., cow manure may just be this province’s energy future.  Interest in this technology is, by no means new.cows
In Vermont, seven dairy farms are transforming millions of gallons of cow manure into electricity through the Cow Power project.  Converting farm manure to energy may also help alleviate a problem in some areas, where too much poultry and livestock waste is generated to be safely used as fertilizer on crop fields. A study presented by Chevron representatives showed that processing horse manure-to-energy could be worth roughly $7.3 million over the next two decades.  Guelph may lead North America but a village in India beat us by decades. Twenty years ago, methane collected from the village cow’s manure fuelled the simple oven that cooked delicious thalis in the south India village of Mitraniketan.