Saturday, 4 February 2012

Is Patrick Moore an Environmentalist or a Paid Lobbyist?

There seems to be much controversy around the man, Patrick Moore, perhaps, for good reason.  While he was clearly a strong environmentalist at one time -- he was an early member of the organization, Greenpeace, eventually rising to the station of President -- in later years, he has made his living primarily as a public relations consultant.   He seems to tirelessly lecture, lobby, provide professional opinions and participate on committees to government and industry on a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues. He is a frequent public speaker at meetings of industry associations, universities, and policy groups.

Of late, has taken a strong stance in several 'hot topic' environmental issues, not the least of which is the Albert Oilsands Project -- in case you're wondering, he's a supporter.  He is particularly well known for his support of nuclear energy.

While I don't  prescribe to all of Moore's opinions, you have to give the guy his credit due and we certainly can't write off anything he says simply because he might be paid to represent a cause we don't believe in.  He is clearly a well educated individual well versed in his subjects of choice.  Perhaps one needs to read between the lines a little but, isn't that the case with everything?  Isn't it our personal responsibility to undertake our own research and make our own determinations? 

Something none of us can deny is that Moore is certainly one of the most interesting, if not controversial, Canadians of our time.  Here are a few sites that might help YOU decide what side of the fence Moore stands on: