Friday, 10 February 2012

Updated: Shop At Walmart But Ashamed to Admit It? We Should Be

so -- what do you REALLY think of Walmart?  personally, i was never much of a fan; the quality of food and clothing wasn't to my liking; the aisles narrow and often plugged with an irritating column that you can't quite manage to squeeze a cart around; while the staff are friendly enough, it's almost impossible to track one down when you really need one.  and we've all seen the emailed photos of the kind of people that shop at Walmart. . . . nobody wants to be one with that bunch!

and then one day, while i was having my car repaired in one of my favourite Central Alberta towns, i found myself in need of some supplies and Walmart was one of the few stores within easy walking distance (by 'easy' i mean close enough that i was willing to carry a few bag of groceries back from).

i'd heard about the new Walmart Supercentres but had yet to grace one with my presence.  but there it was, just a little west and north of where my car was being serviced.  so i thought, why not check it out?  i think it was 3 hours later when i finally made it back to the servic centre -- and not because it was a difficult distance to carry my bags.  this brand new store was nice and clean, with lots of room between the aisles for me and my cart, and man, the people were friendly.  i think the 'friendly' had more to do with the fact that i was in a smaller community but the fresh and clean appearance of the store and decent produce was pure Walmart.

i have to admit, somewhat shamefaced, there are times that i secretly adore Walmart.  i still don't shop there for clothing, or any quality purchases.  i still support my local farmers and try by best to stick to buying local, regional, or at least Canadian, but the attraction for me is that Walmart is a great place to one-stop shop -- and, since i hate shopping -- it fits me to a 't'. 

so it warms my heart to read about the successes Walmart is making in reducing its environmental footprint.  yes, Walmart has a L O N G ways to go to become the store i would be proud to admit i shopped at on a regular basis -- but at least now, i'll actually ADMIT that there is the occassional trip to town with the actual intention of going straight for Walmart. 

Am I The Only One?